Convention du raté du ratable et du pas encore raté

Compagnie Ea Eo

From 2pm to 7pm / For all / Festival / Résidence

  • Convention
  • Participatory
  • Outside the Walls


Éric Longeguel, Neta Oren, Van-Kim Tran & Cyrille Humen invite lost jugglers or jugglers looking to become lost to the third edition of the convention of the failed, the failable and the not yet failed.

On the program:

3pm: Dervish juggling workshop (all objects) with Van Kim and Cyrille

A juggling workshop open to all, to all types of juggling and to all types of objects (ball, devil stick, scarves…). Van Kim and Cyrille will share their tools to mix dervish dance and juggling.

4pm : Collective performance / workshop rendering

The people who participated in the workshop propose a spinning performance of 9 min 47. During this performance, a microphone is left open so that each person can declaim a poem of his own composition, or tell about his last demonstration.

5pm : Open stage ofambient juggling

A must at a convention, the stage is open. The same soundtrack binds everyone together: 45 minutes of the legendary Reflection by Brian Eno.

18h : Juggling games

Another convention must-see, the juggling games. This year, we will focus on confrontation games with money to win, and collaboration games with nothing to win, in order to highlight the absurdities of our time:

  • collective endurance of 1000 balloons
  • cascade 3 euros winner takes all
  • parkour event with stunt 3 scarves
  • 1 minute without a fall all together, but as there is always one who makes fall, it lasts at least 15 minutes
  • 5 ball endurance with live psychoanalysis
  • 3 ball endurance and stepping

At the end of the day, Morgan Cosquer of the Endogenous Company will perform his new play UmWelt. In an intimate space, a man, or a creature enters into a dance and a dialogue with time, with his animality, his humanity. A dance of metamorphoses at the limits of human consciousness.

EAEO Company

Ea Eo was founded in 2009 by Bram Dobbelaere, Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper and Eric Longequel, and was joined in 2014 by Neta Oren.

Juggling and rotten jokes are the two languages that are at the heart of the company’s work. We play at talking about anything and everything with this particular vocabulary.


  • By and with :
  • Eric Longequel
  • Neta Oran
  • Van-Kim Tran
  • Cyrille Humen
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