In December 2007, Thomas Guérineau and Rémi Laroussinie, professional jugglers, together make several observations. One of those observations is that the juggle scenic creation in France and in Europe, despite its quality and diversity, is being underestimated.

They decided to create/organize a meeting between jugglers which they called/named “rencontre des Jonglages” / “Juggling Meeting” in order to offer an overview of entertainment to the public, professionals and others amateurs.

In view of the success of the event and a willingness to support this artistic approach, Houdremont affirms its willingness to host a second edition of the festival. Thomas Guérineau and Rémi Laroussinie then offer more than a festival, creating a "Maison des Jonglages" active project in the year dedicated to supporting jugglers and juggling.

Thus was born in August 2008 the association Maison des Jonglages.

Led today by Thomas Renaud, the Maison des Jonglages is recognized by jugglers, entertainers and the public as a place resource around the art of juggling. The association has three permanent employees.

The activity is developed around four main axes :

PROGRAMMING - Emphasize the current juggled creation and assure its visibility and its recognition the national and international level. Allow the meeting and the exchange between jugglers, professionals and general public.
TRAINING  - Support the artists in their researches and in their creations: welcome in residence studio, residence tray, coproductions…
AID TO CREATION - Participate in the development of the art of jugglings and in the in-service training of the jugglers.
CULTURAL ACTION - Develop partnerships on the territory around the art of jugglings and build educational courses artistic and cultural around this art and around the meeting with professional artists.